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Peter Zuellig was the founder and strategist of the Parazelsus Group (2006), an independent, pro-active investment, and management group. He was the founder and chairman of the Golden Springs Group (2014) which acquired several leading businesses in the agriculture sector and complemented the healthcare oriented Parazelsus activities.


Prior to starting Parazelsus, he was the CEO and Executive Director of the Zuellig Group, which Mr. Zuellig joined in 1981. A graduate of the faculty of law, University of Zurich, Peter Zuellig subsequently completed postgraduate studies at Columbia University as well as Harvard Business School. Mr Peter Zuellig passed away on 24.12.2018. Today, we continue to strive for the same goals based on his vision for the group.


Markus Haefali

Markus Haefeli


Chairman of Parazelsus Group. Former MD of Golden Springs Group; CFO at Zuellig Pharma and COO of a private hospital group in Switzerland. Prior to his joining Zuellig Pharma he was with Procter & Gamble. Markus Haefeli holds a masters of science degree in Business Administration from Berne University.

Markus Haefali

Shailesh Acharya

CEO - Parazelsus India

Shailesh  has more than 20 years of business development, client relationship management experience across SCM & Logistics, Cold Chain and Freight Forwarding industry. He is a Science Graduate with Master's in Shipping Management.

Markus Haefali

Malik Ahmad Jalal

Chairman & CEO - Parazelsus Pakistan

Malik Ahmad Jalal is CEO and Founder of Cordoba Ventures, building large-scale operating platforms in education & healthcare and Zambeel Partners, a strategy-to-implementation advisory boutique. His previous experience was with a regional private equity firm, a top-tier global investment bank and a Big-4 accountancy firm in the USA, UK and UAE.